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Smiley Face Flowers and Peace Cake

Idea gallery #1270
Smiley Face Flowers and Peace Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
9" x 3" round cake
white fondant
yellow fondant
peace edible designer print
clay gun
cutter for eyes
icing flowers
letter cutters
6" hemisphere cake
black fondant
piping gel
pink fondant
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Cover 9" round cake with white fondant. Brush sides of cake lighly with water and attach designer print to side of cake. Cut 1" of cake off the bottom of the 6" hemisphere cake so that about 1 1/2" of cake is left. Cover hemisphere with yellow fondant and lay on top of 9" cake in the center. Cut out two eyes from the black fondant and attach to cake with piping gel. Using the clay gun fitted with a round disc, push black fondant through the gun to make the mouth. Cut the rope as pictured and attach to hemisphere with piping gel. Using letter cutters and pink fondant, cut out name and attach to cake under the smiley face with piping gel. Place flowers randomly on cake with piping gel.
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