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Serendipity Heart Cake

Idea gallery #1297
Serendipity Heart Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
iced round cake
Serendipity designer sheets
heart cutters
gum paste punches - hearts
gum paste punches - lace border
pastry brush
gum paste
royal icing
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Roll gum paste very thin and brush lightly with water. Apply a designer sheet to gum paste. Cut an assortment of heart shapes using heart cutters. Allow pieces to dry overnight. Using basic border punch fitted with lace insert, cut designer sheet pieces measuring 1 1/2" high for bottom edge of cake. Cut hearts using basic punch set fitted with heart insert. Lightly brush sides of cake with pasty brush dipped in water. Apply cut pieces around bottom of cake. Do the same to apply hearts to sides of cake. Attach toothpicks to back of gum paste hearts with royal icing for supports; allow to dry. Carefully insert hearts on top of cake using piping gel if needed to help secure.
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