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Sea Creature Cupcakes

Idea gallery #801
Sea Creature Cupcakes
Ingredients and Supplies
cake mix
blue swirl baking cups
blue buttercream icing
sea creature sugar lay-ons
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Bake cupcakes in blue swirl baking cups following recipe or mix instructions. Allow to cool completely. Ice cupcake with blue buttercream using small offset spatula. Pull spatula straight up to create rough icing. While buttercream is still wet place sea creatures on top.
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  • Blue Swirl Standard Baking Cups
    Blue Swirl Standard Baking Cup...
    Unit: 30/pkg.
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  • Icing Layons - Sea Creatures
    Icing Layons - Sea Creatures
    Unit: 8/pkg.
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  • 8" Angled Icing Spatula
    8" Angled Icing Spatula
    Unit: 1
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