Rock Star Microphones

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Rock Star Microphones
Ingredients and Supplies
  • rice krispie treats
  • black candy coating
  • silver pearlized sugar crystal
  • sugar cones
  • edible silver spray
  • licorice strings
Cut the ends of sugar cones off with a sharp knife; just enough so piece of licorice goes through the hole. Spray each cone with silver spray and allow to dry. Push licorice pieces through bottom of cone. Form rice krispie treats in to 2" balls. Melt candy coating. Dip balls into candy coating allowing excess to drip back into bowl. Sprinkle ball with sugar crystals and place ball into cone.
Clasen Black Dark Chocolate Flavored Candy Coating
Clasen Black Dark Chocolate Fl...
Unit: 1 lb. bag
Silver Pearlized Coarse Sugar / Sugar Crystals
Silver Pearlized Coarse Sugar ...
Unit: 4 oz. jar
Rice Krispie Treats Sheet
Rice Krispie Treats Sheet
Unit: 2 lb. sheet