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Race Car Sucker

Idea gallery #90
Race Car Sucker
Ingredients and Supplies
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Paint wheels with Cocoa Dark (melted with black food color) in race car mold. Place a pencil pop in the mold. Melt Cocoa Lite and put in squeeze bottle. When details set up room temperature, Squirt Cocoa Lite into mold, over the details, covering the end of the suckerstick. Place in freezer. When hardened, remove from mold.Twist pencil into pencil pop, holding on to pencil pop and pencil, not candy.
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  • Race Car Sucker Chocolate Candy Mold
    Race Car Sucker Chocolate Cand...
    Unit: 1
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  • Squeeze Bottle - 12 oz.
    Squeeze Bottle - 12 oz.
    Unit: 12 oz. bottle
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  • Merckens Cocoa Lite Milk Chocolate Flavored Candy Coating
    Merckens Cocoa Lite Milk Choco...
    Unit: 1 lb. bag
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  • Squeezit Mold Painter Set
    Squeezit Mold Painter Set
    Unit: 1 set / 2 pcs. ...
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  • Liquid Black Chefmaster Candy Color (Old Item # 41-3275)
    Liquid Black Chefmaster Candy ...
    Unit: 2 oz. bottle
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