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Purse Cupcakes

Idea gallery #837
Purse Cupcakes
Ingredients and Supplies
standard size cupcakes
white, blue, green, brown fondant
buttercream icing
purse cutters, flower plunger cutters
silver luster dust
cupcake wrappers
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Roll out fondant, using texture if desired and cut out purse shapes. Allow to completely dry. Garnish with flower cut outs, luster dust and extra decorations if desired. Ice cupcakes with thin layer of buttercream icing. Roll of fondant for cupcakes, using texture for some and cut out disks using circle cutter. Place a disk on top of each cupcake and smooth down edges. Pipe mound of buttercream on top of cupcake to support finished purses. Place each cupcake into cupcake wrapper.
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