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Princess Pam Birthday Cake

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Princess Pam Birthday Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
baked and cooled crown cake
pink, purple and white rolled fondant
pink buttercream
purple edible jewels
pearlized sugar pearls
piping gel
2 cupcakes
purple disco dust
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Cover 14" x 19" board with purple fondant, brush board with piping gel to help fondant stick. Lightly ice cake with buttercream icing. Roll out pink fondant. Gently lift the fondant into the same pan which is clean and dry, placing the top side of the rolled out fondant into the inside of the pan. Gently rub the fondant to get good deep impressions from the pan. Brush piping gel onto the fondant which is lining the pan. Place the cake, top side down onto a sideless cookie sheet. Slide the cake from the cookie sheet into the fondant-lined Pantastic pan. Place the board on the bottom of the cake and turn the cake over onto the board. Gently lift the Pantastic pan off the fondant-covered cake. Trim the excess fondant from around the base. Using piping gel to attach 8mm pearlized sugar pearls around base of cake. Use piping gel to attach edible jewels. Roll out white fondant and cut out letters for name and 2 crowns. Imprint crowns with Happy Birthday before fondant hardens. Allow to completely harden (24 hours or more) and then pipe wording in pink and attach edible jewel. Attach letters for name with piping gel to cake while letters are still flexible. Use pink buttercream and #2 tip to outline letters and pipe details on cake. Use #1M tip to pipe pink buttercream swirl on each cupcake and then place dried crown on top of icing. Sprinkle disco dust on fondant covered board.
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