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Pink Green and Blue Floral Cupcakes

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Pink Green and Blue Floral Cupcakes
Ingredients and Supplies
white, pink, blue, green and brown fondant
pink airbrush color
buttercream icing
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Spread layer of buttercream on top of each cupake. Roll out white fondant and impress with floral texture sheet. Use circle cutter to cut out circle the same size as top of cupcake (around 3" to 3 1/2"). Pour a small amount of pink airbrush color on a blank, clean stamp pad, blot off excess. Gently wipe stamp pad on fondant circle so that color touches the raised portion of the design only. Allow ink to dry for a moment and gently smooth fondant circle on top of cupcake. Roll out pink and blue fondant and use two different sizes of daisy plunger cutters to cut out flowers. Allow to dry separately in flower former. Attach together and mold brown fondant center to place in middle of flower. Roll out green fondant, impress with leaf veiner and cut out two leaves for each flower. Attach leaves and flower to cupcake with a dot of buttercream. Assemble cupcake wrapper and place finished cupcake inside.
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