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Paisley Bird Ganache

Idea gallery #1703
Paisley Bird Ganache
Ingredients and Supplies
white chocolate ganache
Fluttering Friends Cutie Cupcake Cutter Set
Mini Accent Cutters
flourish chocolate transfer sheet
white candy coating
red candy coating
pink candy coating
light blue candy coating
parchment paper
dipping tool
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Remove ganache from pan to make it easier to cut birds. Use the cutter to cut as many birds as possible out of the ganache. Dip half the birds in plain white candy coating and place on parchment. Dip the other half of the birds in white candy coating then lay a piece of transfer sheet on top of the bird and gently secure sheet to top of bird using gentle pressure with your finger. Place birds in freezer for about 5 minutes or until coating is set. Pull birds from freezer and remove chocolate transfer sheets from birds.

To make the wings, evenly spread a thin layer of candy coating on parchment paper in the colors desired. If wanting to have flourish wings, spread the candy coating on a small piece of the transfer sheet. Allow coating to set at room temperature. Using the wing shaped accent cutter, gentle push the cutter into the coating to cut. Allow to harden then remove from parchment and attach wing to bird using a small dot of melted coating. Dot an eye on each bird using melted candy coating.

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