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Max Jungle Cake

Idea gallery #757
Max Jungle Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
6" and 8" cake
3 lbs. light green fondant
1/2 lb. dark green fondant
jungle sugar lay-ons
jungle animal cake toppers
buttercream icing
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Cover 6" and 8" cake with light green fondant. Stack tiers using preferred support method. Roll dark green fondant very thin and use pastry roller to hand cut leaves. Use a veiner to create impressions on leaves. Attach leaves around base of cake using a small amount of water. Attach sugar lay-ons around and partially under leaves with a dot of buttercream. Use fondant letter cutters to spell name on top of cake and attach with a small amount of water. Use a dot of buttercream to secure animal toppers to top of cake.
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