Ladybug Pretzels

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Ladybug Pretzels
Ingredients and Supplies
  • red candy coating
  • dark brown candy coating
  • 1/8" icing eyes
Melt red candy coating and, with a 2-prong dipping fork, dip pretzel into coating. Set on parchment paper to set up. When hardened, dip 1/3 into dark brown candy coating. Place eyes on coating before it sets up. Put some melted dark brown into a parchment bag with a tiny hole cut at the end. Pipe dots on the pretzel.
Royal Icing Eyes - 3/16"
Royal Icing Eyes - 3/16"
Unit: 50/pkg.
Baking Parchment Roll (Natural)
Baking Parchment Roll (Natural...
Unit: 1 roll / 15" x 59'
15" Parchment Triangles
15" Parchment Triangles
Unit: 125/pkg.
Merckens Red Vanilla Flavored Candy Coating
Merckens Red Vanilla Flavored ...
Unit: 1 lb. bag
Merckens Cocoa Dark Chocolate Flavored Candy Coating
Merckens Cocoa Dark Chocolate ...
Unit: 1 lb. bag