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Happy Bow Cake

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Happy Bow Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
6" and 10" cake covered in fondant
happy stripes and dots designer prints
white fondant
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Package stack 6" cake on top of 10" cake. Use pastry brush with water to just wet bottom edge of 10" tier. Remove happy stripes edible strips from backing and apply to bottom edge. Add additional water if not sticking and splice together as necessary. Repeat same process with water using happy dot edible strips to form ribbons crossing over 6" tier. Use buttercream and #6 tip to pipe small ball trim along bottom edge of each tier.
Roll fondant to desired thickness and lightly brush with water. Place strips on fondant and press gently to adhere. Use a pastry cutter to cut into desired size loops for bow. Three strips can be cut in half long way and short way to create 12 small strips. Form each loop by using finger to spread water on inside edge of bow and then crimping the ends together. Allow to dry for several hours or overnight if possible. Assemble bow on top tier using stiff buttercream to hold loops in place.
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