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Flower Edible Image Cupcakes

Idea gallery #813
Flower Edible Image Cupcakes
Ingredients and Supplies
baked and cooled standard size cupcakes
buttercream icing
happy edible image designer prints
blue and pink rolled fondant
daisy plunger cutter and center
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Use round cutter the size of cupcake top to draw outline on edible image designer prints. Cut out circles from various designs. Ice cupcake with buttercream and before icing has crusted place edible image circle on top and smooth down sides. Roll blue fondant thin and cut out with daisy plunger cutter. Allow to dry in flower former if petals won't hold shape. Press pink fondant into daisy center mold and attach to daisy with small dot of buttercream. Attach finished daisy to cupcake with small dot of buttercream.
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