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Chocolate Dinosaur Cake

Idea gallery #737
Chocolate Dinosaur Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
1 cake mix
pantastic dinosaur pan
green candy coating
orange candy coating
purple candy coating
light green candy writer
white candy writer
yellow candy writer
buttercream icing
blue food coloring
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Bake cake following mix instructions. After cake is cooled use a serrated knife to cut off details so cake is flat across top. Tint buttercream light blue and ice entire cake. Add additional blue coloring and pipe shell border on top and bottom edge using a #16 tip. Melt candy coating in separate bowls and melt candy writers. Pour candy coating into squeeze bottles for easier use. Use clean pan to mold chocolate dinosaur. First fill in eye with yellow, teeth with white and light green for mouth. Use squeeze bottles to fill in the rest of the dinosaur. Allow colors to set before pouring adjoining colors. Overlap colors on back to create stronger piece. Place entire pan in freezer when full. After chocolate has set release from pan and place on cake.
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