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Blue and Yellow Sweet Bird Cookies

Idea gallery #1653
Blue and Yellow Sweet Bird Cookies
Ingredients and Supplies
sugar cookie dough
scalloped cookie cutter
light yellow rolled fondant
light blue rolled fondant
piping gel
paisley edible image sheet
small teardrop cutter
Fluttering Friends Cutie Cutter Set
pastry brush
texture sheet
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Cut and bake cookies. Roll fondant to desired thickness and cut using same cutter used to make cookies. Brush cookie with piping gel and lay fondant piece on top. Roll either color of fondant thin and brush lightly with piping gel or water. Lay edible image over gel or water. Use bird cutter to cut fondant, brush with piping gel and attach to center of cookie. Roll both colors of fondant very thin, lay texture sheet down and roll over sheet pin rolling pin. Use small teardrop shaped cutter to cut wings for bird and apply to bird with piping gel.
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