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Blue and Green Chocolate Transfer Cake

Idea gallery #683
Blue and Green Chocolate Transfer Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
9" and 6" Cake
Blue Floral Scroll Transfer Sheet
Cocoa Dark Coating Chocolate
Super White Coating Chocolate
Green Food Coloring
3 lbs White Fondant
Brown Food Coloring
White Buttercream Icing
Chocolate Buttercream Icing
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Color fondant using green food coloring and a hint of brown food coloring. Cover 9" and 6" tier with green fondant. Insert several dowels into 9" cake and place 6" cake on 6" cardboard and stack on top of 9" cake. Place cake on brown pedestal stand.

Cut transfer sheet into strips long enough to cover the diameter of each cake. Tape strips together if necessary to fit the diameter of cake, lining up patterns if applicable. Make sure to tape the smooth side of the transfer sheet. Use scissors to cut 2 wavy lines through length of transfer dividing into three equal strips. Melt cocoa dark and super white coating chocolate. Place 9" bottom edge chocolate transfer sheet, texture side up, on parchment paper. Place thinnest size perfection strips on both sides of the transfer sheet. Pour melted cocoa dark on top of the transfer sheet. Drag a cookie sheet with a straight edge over the perfection strips to smooth and have an even layer of chocolate. Quickly lift the transfer sheet with the wet chocolate onto a clean area of the parchment paper to give the chocolate piece a clean edge. When the chocolate is just set, carefully lift the transfer and place around the cake. The chocolate is just set when it still has a couple of shiny patches, but most of the chocolate is dull. Repeat process alternating white and dark chocolate working your way up the cake. Be sure to carefully line of strips so curves of waves are matching. After chocolate has completely set remove acetate backing.

Draw desired floral design on paper with pencil. Slide picture under overlapping green and blue transfer sheets texture side up. Fill parchment cone with super white coating and trace a thick line of coating chocolate over each line in your floral design, fill in empty spaces. Allow coating to harden and carefully remove chocolate piece. Use parchment cone filled with dark coating to draw details of your floral design on top the transfer sheet pattern on your plaque. Insert long skewers into cake and lean plaque against skewers to stand up.

Fit 2 pastry bags with #3 tip and fill one with white buttercream and the other with chocolate buttercream. Pipe small ball trim along top and bottom edge of each transfer strip in corresponding buttercream color.

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