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Barnyard Cake

Idea gallery #1359
Barnyard Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
7" and 10" 2-layer cakes
red fondant
white fondant
black fondant
tan fondant
royal icing
black edible marker
paisley texture mat
horseshoe candy mold
plaque candy mold
silver metallic spray
piping gel
figure molded pig and cow
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Roll white fondant to cover 10" cake. Roll black fondant very thin and use a pastry roller or knife to cut shapes to resemble cow patches. Attach to cake with piping gel. Roll red fondant out then place smooth side on paisley mat and proceed to roll pin over red fondant slowly with even pressure. Pick-up mat and place over 7" cake; slowly remove texture mat. Carefull smooth fondant on to cake and trip excess. Use a black edible marker to outline or fill-in paisley shapes. Use a small parchment bag filled with white royal icing to detail shapes as pictured. Prepare 10" cake for stacking and proceed to stack 7" cake. Fill candy molds with melted candy coating and allow to set. Attach horseshoe to plaque with melted coating. Once set, spray with silver metallic spray. Using the disc on the extruder that looks like three holes together, push tan fondant through extruder to make a rope. Brush rope with piping gel and lay around the base of the 7" cake tying the rope together at the end.
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