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Aloha Cake

Idea gallery #681
Aloha Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
10" Square Cake
3 lbs. White Fondant
Blue Food Coloring
Watermelon Dust
Green Apple Dust
Green Food Coloring
Blue Food Writer
Super Pearl Luster Dust
Lemon Oil
Clear Piping Gel
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Color 2 1/2 lbs of white fondant a bright blue color. Carefully cover prepared 10" square with the blue fondant. Place on 12" square foam drum.
Use remaining white fondant to make flower lace pieces. Brush super pearl dust onto the large part of lace-maker. Roll out fondant quite thin (1/8"). If fondant seems sticky, knead in some powdered sugar. Lay fondant over large part of lace-maker. Press gently with fingers. Lay smaller part of lace-maker over fondant. Make sure it matches the bottom part. Press firmly into place. Use rolling pin to roll firmly over lace-maker. Pull extra fondant from edges. Remove top part of lace-maker. Use fingers to push uneven edges back into bottom. Put top part of lace-maker back on and press edges with fingers. Remove top. Turn lace-maker over and flex back while lace falls out of lace maker. Make several pieces and cover carefully to keep pieces from getting hard. Add a couple drops of lemon extract to each the pink and green luster dust. Use a small paint brush to outline the edge of the flowers and leaves and then smudge slightly to blend color into centers.
Roll white fondant to 1/8" Use small flower and leaf cutters to cut 3 of each. Place pieces on curved surface. Allow to harden. Paint outline pink on flowers and green on leaves. Use blue foodwriter marker to write ALOHA! Across the flowers.
Color remaining fondant green. Brush inside of bead maker with super pearl dust. Roll fondant into thin rope and press into bead maker. Close bead maker and cut off excess.
Attach with piping gel the painted flower lace in a flowing circle design on sides and top of cake. Attach green bead border to base of cake with small dots of piping gel. Insert a couple toothpicks into center of cake and lean ALOHA flowers and leaves against toothpicks to stand up. Place palm tree cake topper behind flowers to finish cake.
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