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Sparkle Butterfly Cupcakes

Sparkle Butterfly Cupcakes

Idea gallery #805
  • baked and cooled standard size cupcakes
  • buttercream icing
  • green fondant
  • shades of pink and purple fondant
  • royal icing
  • disco dust
  • butterfly cookie cutter texture set
Use a piece of heavy cardstock and fold back and forth to create deep "V" for butterflies to dry in. Lightly spray whimsical mat from butterfly cookie cutter texture set. Wipe off excess with a paper towel. Roll fondant to approximately 1/8" thickness. Place texture mat on fondant. Firmly roll over the mat. Remove mat. Cut textured fondant with corresponding cookie cutter from set. Gently fold butterfly in half down body and place into "V" in cardstock. Pipe body with white royal icing if desired. Repeat with all different colors of fondant and sizes of butterflies. Sprinkle all butterflies with disco dust. Allow butterflies to completely harden, several hours.
Ice cupcakes with thin layer of buttercream icing. Roll green fondant to approximately 1/8" thickness and use circle cutter the same size as cupcake to cut round disks. Place fondant on top of cupcake and smooth edges. Use small dot of buttercream to attach butterfly to top of cupcake.