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Seashell and Seahorses Candies

Seashell and Seahorses Candies

Idea gallery #1505
  • small shell chocolate candy mold
  • medium shell chocolate candy mold
  • pearl dush
  • mop brush
  • white candy coating
  • light cocoa candy coating
  • peach candy coating
  • paint brush
  • seahorse silicone mold
  • light blue gumpaste
  • knife or cake spatula
To mold shells: Melt candy coatings. If the shell is a solid color, fill cavities then tap mold lightly to rid of air bubbles. Place in freezer til set; remove when coating is cold and mold is cloudy. If the shell has a streak effect, brush a thin layer of candy coating in the mold with a small paintbrush. Allow the coating to set at room temperature. Fill molds with contrasting color of coating and tap mold lightly to rid of air bubbles. Place mold in freezer til coating is cold and mold is cloudy. Brush pearl dust on molded pieces once candy has come to room temperature.
To mold seahorses: Brush silicone mold with pearl dust. Take a small amount of light blue gumpaste and push into the mold. Use a straight sided knife or spatula to level off the top of the cavity (scraping the gumpaste across the top of the mold gives the piece a flattened surface). Remove the piece from the mold and allow to dry. Brush piece with pearl dust.
Note: Seahorse can tried to be mold with chocolate but mold is very thin and tests in our kitchen did not find this to be achievable.