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Pink Bandana Cowgirl Cake

Pink Bandana Cowgirl Cake

Idea gallery #735
  • 6" round cake and 8" square cake
  • 2 lbs. white fondant
  • 1 lb. light pink fondant
  • 1 lb. dark pink fondant
  • 2 oz. brown fondant
  • royal icing
Cover 8" cake with white fondant and 6" cake with light pink fondant. Stack cake using your preferred method. Roll out dark pink fondant and place paisley texture sheet on top. Roll over texture sheet once with rolling pin to create impression. Cut 5 triangles that are 8" wide and 4" tall at the middle point. Place 4 of the trianges along bottom of 8" tier and place last triangle on top of top tier, wrapping and setting upright to look like tied bandana. It may be necessary to cut extra pieces to make it appear to tied. Use clay gun to create lassos and brown writing and pink bands around the hats. Attach these decorations with a small amount of royal icing. Thin royal icing with water and pipe over details impressed in dark pink. Pipe border around bottom edges using #6 tip and royal icing (not thinned). Place plastic accessories on cake.