Paisley Bird Cookies

Paisley Bird Cookies

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  • 5" bird cookies
  • assorted colors rolled fondant
  • paisley texture mat
  • paisley accessory mold
  • royal icing
  • small round piping tips
  • piping gel
  • pastry brush
  • flexible polyblade
  • rolling pin
  • Fluttering Friends Cutie Cupcake Cutter Set
  • assorted food color gels
Roll fondant thin and use same cutter used to cut cookies to cut the fondant. Brush cookie with piping gel and attach fondant piece. To make texture piece, roll fondant thin and place over texture mat. Be sure the mat is on the side to give you a raised image. Roll over fondant with even pressure. Flip fondant over and remove mat. Use cutter to cut piece and attach to cookie using piping gel. Use polyblade to remove the beak and feet. Roll orange fondant the same thickness as your bird and use cutter to cut the feet and beak. Use the polyblade to cut feet, wing (only on the paisley textured birds) and beak and replace the feet and beak on the cookie.

For plain wings, roll desired fondant color thin and use the bird cutie cutter to cut the wing. Allow wing to dry for several hours. For paisley wings, push desired fondant color into paisley mold then remove with sharp pin or modeling tool. Pipe colored accents using royal icing then allow to dry for several hours.

Use royal icing to pipe over paisley textured birds and allow to dry. Attach wings to birds using piping gel and roll tiny balls from brown fondant for the eyes and attach with piping gel.

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