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Ladybug and Flower Dipped Sandwich Cookies

Ladybug and Flower Dipped Sandwich Cookies

Idea gallery #1662
  • sandwich cookies
  • lime green candy coating
  • ladybug chocolate transfer sheet
  • dipping tool
  • parchment sheets
  • edible candy flowers
Cut chocolate transfer sheets into squares large enough to cover the top of cookie. Melt candy coating. Dip cookie into melted chocolate. Coat completely. Bring out cookie with dipping tool. Let excess chocolate drip back into the pan. Place the dipped cookie on parchment paper or silicone mat.
Apply transfer to top of just dipped cookie. Gently rub the image with your finger to assure the transfer is secure. Repeat process with all cookies. Once chocolate is set, peel away transfer sheet. Attach flower using melted candy coating.