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Hockey Cookies

Hockey Cookies

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  • sugar cookie dough
  • ice skate cookie cutter
  • oval cookie cutter
  • rectangle cookie cutter
  • flexible poly blade
  • black rolled fondant
  • red rolled fondant
  • white rolled fondant
  • assorted gumpaste tools
  • piping gel
  • pastry brush
Roll out cookie dough to desired thickness.
Jersey: Use rectangle cutter to cut dough. Using the poly blade, round off top of rectangle for shoulders and cut 1/8" deep on both sides of the bottom of the cookie to resemble arms/sleeves.
Hockey puck: Use oval cutter to cut dough. Use poly blade to straighten sides of puck.
Skate: Use cutter to cut dough.

For jersey: Roll red and black fondant to desired thickness. Cut both using the same rectangle cutter used to cut the dough. Brush cookie with piping gel and lay red fondant on cookie. Use poly blade to cut both pieces of fondant where you desire to have the stripes. Replace the red fondant of the cookie with the black fondant. Make a very thin triangular piece of red fondant to adhere as the neck. Use poly blade to mark arms in fondant.
For puck: Roll black fondant to desired thickness and use poly blade to straighten sides of fondant as cookie. Brush cookie with piping gel and lay on top of cookie. Use very small ball tool to mark the top of puck.
For skate: Roll red, black and white fondant to desired thickness then cut a skate from each color. Use poly blade to cut skate pieces then adhere to cookie with piping gel. Make skate accents but cutting thin strips of fondant using poly blade then adhere to skate with piping gel.

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