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Battle Cake

Battle Cake

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Ingredients and Supplies
  • 6" 2-layer cake
  • 10" 2-layer cake
  • white rolled fondant
  • avocado food color
  • brown rolled fondant
  • leaf green food color
  • camo edible image strips
  • brown sugar
  • granulated white sugar
  • army men
  • tank
  • edible candy rocks
  • buttercream icing
  • piping gel
  • pastry brush
Ice cakes with thin layer of buttercream. Prepare 10" cake for stacking. Mix avocado food color with white fondant then mix a small amount of brown fondant together with the avocado colored fondant to get the tan base. Roll out fondant and cover both cakes. Stack and dowel cakes. Dampen sides of cake with water using pastry brush and apply camo edible images. Pipe a small bead border along the top and bottom of edible image strips. Brush top of each cake and board with piping gel. Mix equal amounts of brown sugar and white sugar to make sand and sprinkle over piping gel. Place tank and men into sand. Sprinkle candy rocks around cake.

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