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Barnyard Animal Cookies

Barnyard Animal Cookies

Idea gallery #1357
  • cut-out sugar cookies baked with sticks
  • animal cookie cutters
  • pink fondant
  • white fondant
  • gray fondant
  • black fondant
  • red fondant
  • orange fondant
  • brown fondant
  • peach fondant
  • piping gel
  • decorating tip #10
  • edible markers
  • small sharp knife
Use the same cutters used to bake the cookies to cut-out the fondant. Attach fondant to the cookies with piping gel.
Lamb - Use tip #10 to make indents in the fondant to resemble fluffy wool. Roll a tiny piece of black fondant for the nose and attach with piping gel. Draw an eye using the edible markers.
Chicken - Using the orange fondant, free-form a beak and feet; attach with piping gel. Take a small piece of red to make the cockscomb; attach with piping gel. Use the sharp knife to outline feathers on the back end of the chicken and to cut a side feather. Attach side feather with piping gel. Draw an eye using the edible markers.
Cow - Free-form black spots in different sizes to attach to cow with piping gel. Cut peach pieces for the udders and snout. Use the end of a paint brush to make the nostril holes. Take small amount of brown and pinch to make the cow's horns and small amount of white to form the cow's ears. Attach all pieces with piping gel.
Pig - Take a small piece of pink fondant and roll into a tiny rope for the squiggly tail; attach with piping gel. Draw an eye with edible markers.

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