Turkey Day Cake Pops

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Turkey Day Cake Pops
Ingredients and Supplies
  • cake ball mixture
  • cocoa lite candy coating
  • orange candy coating
  • candy corn
  • chocolate covered mint candies
  • brown fondant
  • orange fondant
  • parchment bags
  • edible eyes
  • fruit shaped candies
  • modeling tool
Turkey: Roll mixture into balls. Prepare for dipping by inserting coating covered straw into the bottom of your shape. Let set. Using a piece of candy corn, make holes where the turkey feathers will go; push corn into the ball about a 1/4". Dip pop into the cocoa lite melted coating and tap off any excess coating. Quickly insert candy corn into pre-made holes. Allow to set. Attach mint candy to the top part of cake ball using melted candy coating. Form a small pointed nose using orange fondant. Attach eyes, nose and mouth with melted coating and allow to dry.

Pumpkin: Roll cake mixture in to a ball and prepare ball for dipping. Use a modeling tool to make indents in the pop to resemble a pumpkin; dip pop into the orange candy coating. Use brown fondant to form stem and attach with candy coating.

Cornucopia: Shape cake ball mixture to resemble the shape of a cornucopia. Place in refrigerator to firm. Remove from fridge and prepare shape for dipping by inserting coating covered straw into bottom of shape. Let set. Carefully dip shape into melted cocoa lite coating and allow excess to drip off. Fill small parchment bag with melted candy coating and make tiny lines back and forth around the shape. Make a zig-zag shape around the circumference of the open end of the cornucopia. Use melted coating to attach fruit candies to the shape.

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