Turkey Cupcake

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Turkey Cupcake
Ingredients and Supplies
  • chocolate cupcakes
  • chocolate buttercream icing
  • chocolate candy clay
  • yellow, orange and red candy coating
  • candy writers (red and orange), melted
  • edible eyes
  • toasted coconut marshmallows
  • leaf candy molds
Melt candy coating and mold colored leaves. Use candy clay or chocolate fondant to mold the turkey’s head. Frost cupcakes with chocolate icing. Place candy clay head on top of cupcake. Attach edible eyes with melted candy writer. Use candy writers to make the beak and wattle. Use candy coating leaves for feathers and toasted coconut marshmallows for added body texture. *NOTE: Use the marshmallow recipe below then roll marshmallows in toasted coconut.

Candy Clay Recipe

Marshmallow Recipe

Royal Icing Eyes - 3/16"
Royal Icing Eyes - 3/16"
Unit: 50/pkg.
Merckens Orange Vanilla Flavored Candy Coating
Merckens Orange Vanilla Flavor...
Unit: 1 lb. bag
Merckens Red Vanilla Flavored Candy Coating
Merckens Red Vanilla Flavored ...
Unit: 1 lb. bag
Merckens Yellow Vanilla Flavored Candy Coating
Merckens Yellow Vanilla Flavor...
Unit: 1 lb. bag
Orange Candy Writer
Orange Candy Writer
Unit: 1 5/8 oz. tube
Rose Leaves Chocolate Candy Mold
Rose Leaves Chocolate Candy Mo...
Unit: 1
Gardenia Leaf Chocolate Candy Mold
Gardenia Leaf Chocolate Candy ...
Unit: 1