Graffiti Skateboard Cake

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Graffiti Skateboard Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
  • 9" x 13" sheet cake
  • grey rolled fondant
  • red, yellow, black and green rolled fondant
  • red, yellow, green and black airbrush color
  • piping gel
  • silver luster dust
  • lemon oil
Roll out grey fondant. Impress with brick texture mat. Cut a rectangle to fit on the top of the cake, attach with piping gel. Cut rectangles to fit on all 4 sides, being sure to cut them so that the bricks run lengthwise. Attach to sides with piping gel. Cut single row of brick and attach with piping gel around top edge to create border. Use black and red fondant to hand mold skateboard. Use computer and printer to create labels for spray paint cans. Make cans from white, red, yellow and green fondant. Paint silver part of can with luster dust mixed with lemon oil. Use computer font or freehand lettering to create message on paper. Cut out letters from paper so that only the negative remains. Secure paper on top of cake, so overspray won't get on the rest of the cake. Spray row of red, yellow and green across all letters. Remove paper and outline letters with thin black spray from airbrush gun. Place spray paint cans and skateboard on top and attach with piping gel.
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