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Red and Orange Paisley Cake

Idea gallery #743
Red and Orange Paisley Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
9" cake
2 1/2 lbs. orange fondant
white chocolate candy coating
paisley transfer sheets
concord transfer sheets
buttercream icing
red food coloring
flower shaped tuile template
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Cover 9" cake with orange fondant. Melt white candy coating. Cut transfer sheets into squares slightly large than opening on flower shaped tuile template. Place template over transfer sheet with texture side up. Spread melted candy coating across cavity, filling completely and scraping off any excess. Allow to just set and place against side of cake. After completely set remove acetate backing. Repeat this process overlapping flower shapes around side of cake. Fill parchment cone with melted candy coating and pipe over single paisley on textured side of transfer sheet. Allow chocolate to set and remove from transfer sheet. Tint buttercream red. Attach paisleys to top of cake using small dot of buttercream. Use #4 tip to pipe dots in center of cake and insert candles into dots. Pipe small ball trim around edge of each flower using same tip.
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