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Halloween Edible Image Cookie Bouquet

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Halloween Edible Image Cookie Bouquet
Ingredients and Supplies
halloween mini edible images
3" round cookies on sticks
purple non-pareils
orange jimmies
buttercream icing
halloween candy
candy clay
festive mug
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Bake 3" cookies on 12" sticks and allow to cool. Ice cookies with buttercream and apply edible image mini before icing has crusted. Place orange jimmies and purple non-pareils in shallow containers. Roll edge of cookie in sprinkles. It may be necessary to only ice a couple cookies at a time so icing doesn't crust before applying image and rolling in sprinkles. Place candy clay in bottom of mug and insert sticks into clay. Cut off some sticks to create varying heights. Fill mug to top with halloween candy.

Candy Clay Recipe

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