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Santa Face Cake

Santa Face Cake

Idea gallery #1347
Ingredients and Supplies
  • 5" and 8" 2-layer cakes
  • 2" circle cutter
  • red fondant
  • green fondant
  • white fondant
  • flesh fondant
  • alphabet cutters
  • Santa face lay-ons
  • piping gel
  • Santa Claus face baking pan
  • royal icing
  • 3/4" circle cutter
  • 1 1/4" circle cutter
  • Christmas craft ribbon
  • 12" cake drum
  • white buttercream icing
  • star tip #18
Cover 5" cake in green fondant and 8" in red fondant; set aside. Prepare cake drum by gluing craft ribbon around the side of the drum. Cover drum with green fondant. Using the 3/4" cutter, randomly cut green circles out of the fondant. Using the same cutter, cut white fondant circles to replace the green circles. Place 8" cake on drum. Prepare 8" for stacking then add 5" cake. For the bottom tier, use the 2" circle cutter and cut 6 green fondant circles. Attach around bottom tier of cake with piping gel. Attach Santa lay-on in the center of each circle and outline each circle with small royal icing dots. Use the alphabet cutters to cut white fondant letters (H & O) and attach to cake using piping gel. Use the 3/4" cutter to cut red and white circles for the top tier and attach with piping gel. Color a small amount of fondant flesh color then roll to cover the baking shape; attach fondant with piping gel to cover the Santa's face. Roll a 3/8" ball for Santa's nose. Push red fondant into the Santa Clause baking pan to get the pattern for Santa's hat. Push white fondant into the pan to get the pattern for the remainder of Santa's hat and roll a small piece to make a ball for the end of Santa's hat. Attach the following with piping gel. Take the 3/8" ball and attach it to Santa's face for his nose. Cut two small black circles for eyes and to bigger red circles for cheeks and attach to the face. Brush the top of the 5" cake with piping gel and lay the Santa shape on top. Use buttercream to pipe Santa's beard, mustache, and eyebrows using a small round tip. Use star tip #18 to go back over buttercream to give it texture.