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Red and White Snowflake Mini Cupcakes

Red and White Snowflake Mini Cupcakes

Idea gallery #818
Ingredients and Supplies
  • baked and cooled mini cupcakes
  • red and white rolled fondant
  • red and white buttercream
  • snowflake plunger cutter
  • carnation cutter
  • pastry bags
Ice cupcakes with thin layer of buttercream. Roll fondant to 1/8" and cut out with carnation cutter. Use same piece of fondant and snowflake plunger cutter, to cut snowflakes and impress design. Place large cut-out on top of cupcake and gently smooth edge over edge of cupcake. Repeat with other color of fondant. Use opposite color of buttercream with #2 tip and pipe a small dot of buttercream in each scallop along edge of cupcake. Use a small dot of buttercream to attach opposite color snowflake to top of cupcake.


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