Glitter Heart Cupcakes

Glitter Heart Cupcakes

Idea gallery #1256
  • baked cupcakes
  • glitter hearts cupcake wraps
  • buttercream frosting
  • thin paint brush
  • red red food color
  • tip #1M
  • red rolled fondant
  • piping gel
  • pastry brush
  • disco dust
  • JEM heart cutters
Assemble cupcake wraps. Roll red fondant thin and use heart cutters to cut shapes. Brush shapes with a thin layer of piping gel and sprinkle with disco dust. Set aside to dry. Using a small, thin paint brush, stripe the inside of a pastry bag fitted with tip #1M with the red-red color. Fill bag with buttercream. Squeeze bag until white buttercream has a red stripe. Drop cupcakes into cupcake wraps and frost with pastry bag. Place heart on the top of the frosting.

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Rainbow Techno Glitter

Rainbow Techno Glitter
5 gram jar

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Piping Gel

Piping Gel
1 lb tub

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Red Rolled Fondant

Red Rolled Fondant
2 lb tub

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