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Christmas Cupcake Cookie Bouquet

Christmas Cupcake Cookie Bouquet

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Ingredients and Supplies
  • cut-out cookie dough
  • candy cane cookie cutter
  • cupcake cookie cutter
  • candy cookie cutter
  • sucker sticks
  • buttercream icing
  • rolled fondant
  • pink food color
  • lime green food color
  • turquoise food color
  • piping gel
  • clay extruder
  • designer sheets
  • red round candies
  • large take-out box
  • candy clay or Rice Krispie sheet
  • large round tip
  • tissue paper
  • perfection strips
  • rolling pin
Using cookie cutters, cut shapes out of cookie dough rolled with the red perfection strips (making cookies 1/4" thick). Lay on cookie sheet and insert sucker sticks 3/4 up the length of the cookie. Insert stick into the candy shapes at an angle to provide better support. Bake cookies according to recipe directions.

Candy cane - Tint small amounts of fondant the three different colors. Roll a piece of white fondant and cut a cane then roll a piece of colored fondant and cut a cane. Using a sharp knife, cut the pieces in lines at a diagonal making the colored pieces wider than the white pieces. Alternately place the pieces on the cookie with piping gel.
Cupcake - Use the cupcake cutter to trace bottoms of cupcakes on the designer sheets. Roll fondant to desired thickness and cut cupcake bottoms with the cutter. Brush fondant piece with water and attach designer sheet. Carefully lay sheet on fondant piece then attach fondant piece to cookie with piping gel. Using a pastry bag fitted with large round tip and filled with white buttercream, pipe the top of the cupcake in a bag and forth motion. Place red round candy atop icing.
Candy - Roll a piece of fondant to desired thickness and cut a candy using candy cutter. Cut the ends off and mark with a sharp knife. Attach pieces to cookie with piping gel. Take a small amount of white and a color, roll both pieces into snake-like pieces and place side -by-side in clay extruder fitted with round tip. Twist rope into a circle and attach to cookie with piping gel.

To make bouquet - Line take-out box with plastic wrap. Place candy clay or cut Rice Krispie pieces to fit the bottom of the box. Arrange cookies as desired and lay tissue paper around the bottom of the sticks.

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