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Christmas Cupcake Cake Pops

Christmas Cupcake Cake Pops

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Ingredients and Supplies
  • cake balls
  • candy cup mold
  • white candy coating
  • red candy beads
  • lime green food color
  • pink food color
  • turquoise food color
  • Flo-coat coloring agent
  • parchment paper
Melt candy coating and place in towel-lined electric skillet. *Note: To color coating, mix Flo-coat with food coloring as described below.* Prepare candy cups by filling molds then dumping the excess coating onto a sheet of parchment paper to be remelted. Cups should be hollow inside so cake ball sits inside.

When dry, form cake balls into candy cups. Dip the top of the cupcake into melted white candy coating being sure to cover the top of the candy cup. Place candy bead on top of wet candy coating.

Flo-coat is a food coloring agent that allows you to use any of AmeriColor's Soft Gel Paste to color white chocolate and compound coatings. The usage ratio is 5 parts of Flo-Coat to 1 part of Soft Gel Paste. To color compound coating: melt 1 lb. compound coating, add 1 ½ tablespoons Flo-Coat then 1 teaspoon Soft Gel Paste onto the Flo-Coat, mix thoroughly. The Flo-Coat will smoothly and evenly disperse the Soft Gel Paste into the coating, resulting in a smooth pouring consistency. As you proceed with your work and find that your coating is beginning to set up, add more Flo-Coat to keep it liquefied. Flo-Coat will not harm your coating regardless of the quantity used to maintain your desired consistency. Flo-Coat will enable you to realize the maximum yield from your batch of coating resulting in a savings by eliminating lost batches. Flo-Coat provides a firm texture, beautiful shine, and greatly improves mold release. Flo-Coat is a wonderful candy making aid that allows you to use any of the Soft Gel Paste colors to achieve your most demanding compound coating coloring needs, while making your task a great deal easier.< /p>