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Chocolate Gingerbread House

Chocolate Gingerbread House

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Ingredients and Supplies
  • gingerbread dough
  • royal icing
  • milk chocolate coating wafers
  • chocolate chips
  • chocolate mini chips
  • chocolate jimmies
  • dark chocolate coating wafers
  • small pretzels
  • white non-pareils
  • piping gel
  • parchment triangles
  • pastry bag
Baking and Assembling:
Use gingerbread house and tree mold. Spray molds lightly with cooking spray and wipe off any excess. Firmly press dough into molds and scrape off any excess dough so it is level with top of mold. Place mold on cookie sheet and bake for 8-10 minutes in 325 oven. Allow pieces to cool. Mix royal icing according to directions on package. Put icing in pastry bag and cut small hole in end of bag. Pipe line of icing along edge of one outside piece and along bottom edge, then attach to another outside piece. Build all 4 walls of building, then attach roof and then chimney. Build trees to different heights by using varying amounts of pieces. Attach pieces together with royal icing.

Begin by spreading royal icing to cover entire cardboard. Melt dark chocolate and put small amount in parchment cone. Pipe outlines on roof following indentions. Decorate house with varying sizes of chocolate chips. Use milk chocolate wafers to form path to door. Dip an equal number of pretzels in dark and milk chocolate. Before they set up sprinkle with white non-pareils. After pretzels have hardened place upside-down side by side to form a fence around edge of board. Brush clear piping gel on edges of assembled tree branches. Pour chocolate jimmies over tree to stick to piping gel. Attach trees in yard using royal icing.

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