Bunny Bum Cupcake

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Take a delightful plunge down the rabbit hole with our whimsical creation – the Handmade White Chocolate Molded Bunny Bum Cupcake Topper. Nestled in a field of lush green grass buttercream, these charming bunny bums add the perfect touch to your cupcake experience.
Bunny Bum Cupcake

Bunny Bum Cupcakes - Molded Chocolate Recipe

Embark on a delightful journey of crafting your very own Chocolate Molded Bunny Bum Cupcakes with this step-by-step guide:


  • VCF-BWB10516 - Bunny Bum Mold
  • White Candy Melts
  • Pearl White Edible Art Decorative Paint
  • White Decorating Buttercream Icing
  • Mint Green Liqua-gel® Food Color
  • Soft Pink Soft Gel Paste™ Food Color
  • Carrot Candy Sprinkles


*Please note the chocolate mold used for the bunny bum shown in the picture is no longer available. The mold listed is a substitute and may be slightly larger than the molded piece in the picture.
Molded Bunny Bums:
Begin by melting super white candy coating in a microwave-safe bowl, using 30-second intervals and stirring after each until it becomes fluid. Transfer the melted chocolate into a tipless piping bag or squeeze bottle for precision. Fill each cavity of the bunny bum mold with the melted white candy coating, tapping the mold gently to settle the chocolate and release any air bubbles. Freeze the mold for 15-20 minutes until the chocolate turns cloudy and easily falls out when inverted onto parchment.
Bunny Bum Details: Allow the molded bunny bums to reach room temperature. In pink buttercream,piping bag fitted with tip #2, pipe the pads on the bunny's feet for a cute and lifelike touch. Paint the bunny tail with Pearl white edible art decorative paint, adding a touch of sophistication.
Green Buttercream Grass: Prepare a piping bag fitted with a grass tip #2p-233. Pipe the entire surface of the cupcake with green buttercream, creating a vibrant and textured grassy landscape.
Assembly: Gently place the molded bunny bum into the piped grass, ensuring it sits snugly within the cupcake's green landscape.
To add a pop of color and playfulness, sprinkle some candy carrot sprinkles around the bunny bum, creating a visually appealing scene.
Chocolate molded bunny bum with grass buttercream cupcake

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