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Carters Confirmation Cross Cake

Idea gallery #1282
Carters Confirmation Cross Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
cross-shaped cake
white fondant
texture sheet
scallop border lace mold
sleeping baby figurine
royal icing
letter cutters
gold luster dust
piping gel
tip #1
super pearl luster dust
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Crumb coat or lightly ice cake with buttercream. Cut pattern imprinted fondant large enough to cover cake board; apply to board with piping gel. Cover cake with rolled fondant. Place cake on board. Make border lace using the super pearl dust to coat mold before pressing fondant; attach lace to outer edges of cake. Using pastry bag fitted with tip #1, make a royal icing scallop border to outline the smaller cross on top of cake. Cut letters out of fondant. Using gold luster dust and lemon oil, make a paint to paint letters. Attach letters to cake with piping gel. Using the gold paint, carefully paint scallop border outlining the smaller cross. Using tip #1, make dot pattern randomly on cake per picture. Attach sleeping baby with piping gel.
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