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Spring Flower Cake Pops

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Spring Flower Cake Pops
Ingredients and Supplies
favorite cake ball recipe
dark green candy coating
red candy coating
sucker sticks
sucker stand or piece of styrofoam
small amount of colored fondant
flower cutters or plungers
piping gel
candy eyes
black candy writer
flower pot or decorative container
candy beads or decorative candy
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Prepare cake balls. Chill in refrigerator at least 2 hours. Melt dark green candy coating. It is best to do only three cake balls at a time while leaving the remaining balls in the refrigerator. This keeps the cake balls from getting to soft. Dip stick into melted candy coating and insert into cake ball; let set. Wait until candy is completely firm before dipping the pop into the candy coating. Take one cake ball at a time and dip into melted candy coating; gently tap the stick on the side of bowl to rid of excess chocolate. Place dipped cake ball in the sucker stand to dry. Continue with remaining cake balls. Melt red candy melts for ladybug. Follow the same steps as above for this one. Once the cake balls are dry, you may add your decorations. For the ladybug, use the black candy writer and pipe on a large half circle for the facial area. Before the candy dries completely, add the candy eyes. Add the line down the center of the back and dots for detail. Use a small parchment bag filled with red to add a smile. For the flowers, cut several different colors of daisies or blossoms flowers out of the rolled fondant. Add the flower to the cake balls with a small amount of melted chocolate. Add the details of your flowers with piping gel.

Take your flower pot or decorative tin and place the candy clay in the bottom. Arrange your cake pops; pushing the sticks into the candy clay. Once all flowers are arranged, cover the candy clay with green sugar pearls or candy decoration of your choice.

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