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Paisley Transfer Purse Cake

Idea gallery #732
Paisley Transfer Purse Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
1 cake mix
buttercream icing
peach food coloring
1 lb. brown fondant
1 lb. dark chocolate candy coating
gold luster dust
paisley transfer sheet
purse shaped cake pan
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Bake cake according to mix directions in shaped pan. Allow to cool. Tint buttercream peach and ice entire cake. Roll out brown fondant and cut strip to go around edge of purse (not handle part). Attach with small amount of water if it will not stick to buttercream. Cut paisley transfer sheet to size of top of purse. Melt dark chocolate candy coating. Place transfer sheet texture side up on piece of parchment between two of the thinnest size perfection strips. Pour candy coating over sheet and use cookie sheet to pull off excess. Move transfer sheet piece to clean surface. When almost set (no longer shiny or wet looking) place transfer side up on cake and smooth down edges. Allow transfer to completely set and remove acetate. Use clay gun tool to create rope borders for cake. Cut half circle of brown fondant to create flap for purse and secure with buttercream. Use fondant to make latch for purse and paint with gold luster dust. Mix luster dust with lemon oil or vodka to get intense gold color. Use white buttercream and #1 tip to pipe small stitching along edge of purse flap.
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