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Butterfly Garden

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Butterfly Garden
Ingredients and Supplies
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Color fondant various colors and mold butterflies and flowers with candy molds and rolled fondant. To mold you may need to lightly spray the mold with a cooking spray and remove fondant from the mold by pushing a piece of fondant attaching to the fondant in the mold to pull fondant from mold. Mix a bit of lemon concentrated flavor to various colors luster dust to make a "paint" and paint details in the butterflies. Brush sparkle dust over the flowers and butterflies. Set flowers and butterflies aside. They can be made days ahead. Bake a 9"x13" cake and place on a foil-covered board. Thinnly ice cake with buttercream icing. When icing has crusted, brush piping gel over the icing. Knead blue food coloring into the fondant and cover the cake. Pipe bottom border with tip #32. Pipe leaves with tip #352 and stars at the base of the leaves with tip #32. Place butterflies and flowers on the cake.
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  • 9 7/8" x 13 7/8" Rectangle Cake Cardboards
    9 7/8" x 13 7/8" Rectangle Cak...
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  • Pan Grease
    Pan Grease
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  • 13" Straight Icing Spatula
    13" Straight Icing Spatula
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  • Piping Gel
    Piping Gel
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  • Large Butterflies Chocolate Candy Mold
    Large Butterflies Chocolate Ca...
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  • Lemon LorAnn Super-Strength Oil
    Lemon LorAnn Super-Strength Oi...
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  • Paint Brushes - Set of 5
    Paint Brushes - Set of 5
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  • #32 Open Star Plastic Tip
    #32 Open Star Plastic Tip
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  • 12" Featherweight Decorating Bag
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  • #1000 Standard Coupler
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  • Flower Lay-Ons Chocolate Candy Mold
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