Spooky Eyes Cupcakes

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Spooky Eyes Cupcakes
Ingredients and Supplies
  • standard cupcakes baked in spooky eyes liners
  • black buttercream icing
  • neon green rolled fondant
  • neon orange rolled fondant
  • neon yellow rolled fondant
  • black rolled fondant
  • black royal icing
  • parchment bag
  • piping gel
  • clay extruder
  • pastry bag
  • tip #1M
  • paisley or comma cutter
  • oval cutter
Roll neon colored fondants very thin and cut eyes. Attach with piping gel a thin strip of matching colored fondant to back of eyes for support and to keep the eyes together. Use clay extruder to make eyebrows for orange eyes and attach with piping gel. Pipe eye balls using black royal icing. Allow eyes to harden.
Pipe black buttercream icing using pastry bag fitted with tip 1M. Lay hardened eyes on top of buttercream.
Spooky Eyes Standard Baking Cups
Spooky Eyes Standard Baking Cu...
Unit: 50/pkg.
Comma Cookie Cutter Set
Comma Cookie Cutter Set
Unit: 1 set/ 7 pieces total
Cookie Cutter Set-Oval
Cookie Cutter Set-Oval
Unit: 1 set / 9 cutters total
Makin's Ultimate Clay Extruder
Makin's Ultimate Clay Extruder
Unit: 1 set / 21 pcs. total
Royal Icing Mix
Royal Icing Mix
Unit: 1 lb. bag
Super Black AmeriColor® Soft Gel Paste™ Food Color
Super Black AmeriColor® Soft G...
Unit: 3/4 oz. bottle
White Satin Ice Rolled Fondant Icing
White Satin Ice Rolled Fondant...
Unit: 2 lb. tub
#1M Open Star Metal Tip
#1M Open Star Metal Tip
Unit: 1
14" Featherweight Decorating Bag
14" Featherweight Decorating B...
Unit: 1
Piping Gel
Piping Gel
Unit: 1 lb. tub
Neon/Electric Yellow AmeriColor® Soft Gel Paste™ Food Color
Neon/Electric Yellow AmeriColo...
Unit: 3/4 oz. bottle
Neon/Electric Green AmeriColor® Soft Gel Paste™ Food Color
Neon/Electric Green AmeriColor...
Unit: 3/4 oz. bottle
Neon/Electric Orange AmeriColor® Soft Gel Paste™ Food Color
Neon/Electric Orange AmeriColo...
Unit: 3/4 oz. bottle