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Popcorn Candy Corn and Scary Hand

Idea gallery #111
Popcorn Candy Corn and Scary Hand
Ingredients and Supplies
microwave popcorn
hard candy mix
candy thermometer
lime oil
lemon oil
orange oil
pina coloda oil
candy corn
plastic gloves
clear triangle bags
curling ribbon
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Make 4 bags of microwave popcorn. Carefully remove any unpopped corn. Make candied popcorn with hard candy mix, one mix for each color and 1/2 to 1 teaspoon concentrated oil or flavor. Make mix according to directions, adding color at 250 degrees and flavor at 295 degrees, but add 1 tablespoon butter when candy reaches proper temperature. Pour over popcorn and stir until popcorn is separated into small pieces. It will take 4 bags. Color different batches appropriate colors and flavors. We flavored green-lime; yellow-lemon; orange-orange; and white-Pina Colada. After candied popcorn cools, put green popcorn into plastic hand, using candy corn for the fingernails. Close with curling ribbon. Put white, orange and yellow candied popcorn into plastic triangles. Close securely with clear packing tape.
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  • Lime LorAnn Super-Strength Oil
    Lime LorAnn Super-Strength Oil
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  • Lemon LorAnn Super-Strength Oil
    Lemon LorAnn Super-Strength Oi...
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  • Pina Colada LorAnn Super-Strength Flavor
    Pina Colada LorAnn Super-Stren...
    Unit: 1 dram
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  • Hard Candy Mix
    Hard Candy Mix
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  • Candy Thermometer-Taylor
    Candy Thermometer-Taylor
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  • Orange LorAnn Super-Strength Oil
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  • Curling Ribbon- Black
    Curling Ribbon- Black
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