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Mr. And Mrs. Monster Cakes

Idea gallery #364
Mr. And Mrs. Monster Cakes
Ingredients and Supplies
Two baked 9"x13" cakes
4-10"x14" cardboards
Black foil
Buttercream icing
Rolled fondant
Fondant smoother
Gum paste tool set
Piping gel
Flesh, brown, black food color
Rolling pin
Royal icing
Moss green and black petal dust
Nu silver luster dust
Lemon oil
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FOR EACH CAKE: Place cake on foil-covered cardboards (tape two cardboards together for strength). Down-load the pictures of the cake and use a copy machine to enlarge to use as a pattern. Cut out the pattern and place over the cake. To get the out line of the cake, cut away excess cake with a serrated edge knife. ICING: Ice cake with buttercream icing and before icing crusts, cover cake with rolled fondant. SCULPTING: Poke holes with a pin through the pattern. Lay pattern on top of fondant-covered face and push pin through the holes in the pattern and onto the rolled icing to mark where the features of the face are and where the hair is located. FINISHING THE CAKE: Remove the pattern and, using the pin marks as a guide, build up the forehead, chin, cheeks and nose with additional white rolled fondant, hand-molding and using gum paste tools for smoothing and making the nostrils, etc. Use piping gel to attach features and built-up areas to the cake. Form two almond-shaped rolled fondant eyes. For Mr. Monster, roll "snakes" of fondant and put at neck and a couple of small "snakes" at forehead. Also, for Mr. Monster, build up mouth area a bit and cut a slit for the mouth. Hand-mold his ears using gum paste tools and attach to head with royal icing. For Mrs. Monster, hand-mold lips. Cover entire top of cake, except for eyes, with piping gel. Knead some flesh color into additional fondant and roll out as thinly as possible. Lay rolled-out flesh-colored fondant over formed face and, with gumpaste tools, smooth and push flesh fondant against the molded details. With a sharp knife, cut out ovals where the eyes are, only deep enough to remove the flesh fondant to reveal the white eyes. Brush moss green petal dust on parts of face and black petal dust for shadows and under the eyes. Use a damp paper towel to blend dusts together. Paint eyebrows and eye details with a fine brush and brown and black food colors. Hand-mold fondant screws and rings and paint with a mixture of lemon oil and nu silver luster dust. Attach to Mr. Monster with piping gel. Knead a bit of piping gel and black food color into the fondant. Brush piping gel on the cake and over the fondant where hair will be. Place black fondant on the cake for the hair, using a sharp gum paste tool or a tooth pick to make hair lines. For Mrs. Monster, knead a bit of piping gel into white fondant for the white part of the hair. Attach with piping gel and form hair lines.
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