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Halloween Donuts

Idea gallery #357
Halloween Donuts
Ingredients and Supplies
1 1/4" round cutter
petit Four/Roll Icing
orange food coloring
orange non-pareils
black jimmies
Halloween assortment edible confetti
cats edible confetti
bats edible confetti
ghosts edible confetti
pumpkins edible confetti
commercial biscuit dough
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Take commercially-prepared biscuit dough from tube and cut a hole in the center of each biscuit with small round cutter. Brown each side of the biscuit in hot grease (be sure the grease is not too hot so that the biscuit gets completely done in center). Set fried donut on paper towel and allow to cool. Color some of the Petit Four/Roll icing orange. Spoon icing over the donuts and sprinkle non pareils, jimmies and edible confetti over the icing. Note: For a neat look, use tweezers to place the edible confetti on the donuts.
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  • Mini Round Cookie Cutter
    Mini Round Cookie Cutter
    Unit: 1
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  • Black Jimmies
    Black Jimmies
    Unit: 3.2 oz. jar
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  • Halloween Assortment Edible Confetti Sprinkles
    Halloween Assortment Edible Co...
    Unit: 2.6 oz. jar
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  • Black Cats Edible Confetti Sprinkles
    Black Cats Edible Confetti Spr...
    Unit: 2.4 oz. jar
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  • Bats Edible Confetti Sprinkles
    Bats Edible Confetti Sprinkles
    Unit: 2.4 oz. jar
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  • Tiny Ghosts Edible Confetti Sprinkles
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  • Pumpkins Edible Confetti Sprinkles
    Pumpkins Edible Confetti Sprin...
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  • Orange Americolor® Soft Gel Paste Food Color (Old # 41-8013)
    Orange Americolor® Soft Gel Pa...
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