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Gummy-Like Mummy and a Witch

Idea gallery #368
Gummy-Like Mummy and a Witch
Ingredients and Supplies
4 T. Unflavored gelatin
Witch mold #90-3209
Mummy mold #90-3265
White food coloring
1 3-oz. pkg. flavored gelatin, lime
1 3-oz. pkg flavored gelatin-sparkling white grape
1 cup water
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Make a separate batch of gelatin for the mummy and witch. Use lime gelatin for the witch and sparkling white grape for the mummy. Stir a 3-oz pkg. flavored gelatin with 2 T. unflavored gelatin and 1/2 cup water. Heat until crystals dissolve. Pour into clean dry molds (do not fill sucker stick cavity). Place in freezer 5 minutes or until you can gently pull from mold. Cut off any excess that may have flowed into the sucker stick cavity. Note: To achieve a white mummy, add white food coloring to the mixture just before putting into mummy mold cavities.
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