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Owl Graduation Cake with Book Border

Idea gallery #1250
Owl Graduation Cake with Book Border
Ingredients and Supplies
8" square cake
12" square cake
light blue rolled fondant
small amounts of rolled fondant in various colors
piping gel
patchwork cutter - PWC-BKEE
several colors of luster dust
food grade paint brushes
owl pattern
leaf cutter
oval cutter
circle cutters
diamond cutter
blossom flower plunger
lemon oil
alphabet cutters
drinking straw
toothpicks or skewers
plunger gun
black candy writer
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Cover cakes with light blue fondant and stack using preferred method. Using the different colors of fondant and patchwork cutter PWC-BKEE, cut three or four pieces out of each of the different colors. You may want to make some of the colors darker to resemble books seen on a library shelf. Once you have finished with the cutter, use a pastry wheel to separate books individually. Using a paint tray, mix several colors of lustre dust with lemon oil to make paints to detail your books. The consistency of your lustre dust should be that of a model paint. Using the brushes, paint in circles, lines, and borders on each book. Once paint is dry, brush the back of book with piping gel and adhere to bottom cake. Continue until cake is completely wrapped with books.

The letters for the graduates name will need to dry completely before using; you might want to make these the night before to allow ample time to harden. Cut the name out of 1/8" rolled black fondant and set aside to dry. Using the owl pattern, cut out the owl in brown fondant. The stomach will use an oval cutter and the feet will be orange. Simply replace the colored fondant for the brown. Proceed to cut out eyes using the round cutters and the wings using the leaf cutter; these will be attached with piping gel on top of the brown fondant. A small piece of orange fondant will need to be shape in an oblong triangle for the nose; attach with piping gel. A diamond cutter is used to cut out the hat. The tassel is made by using the plunger gun with yellow fondont. Gather the fondant and squeeze the end to attach to the top of the hat with piping gel. A small dot of black fondant may be added to look like the bottom on top. Repeat this three more times for owls on all three sides of the cake. Once owl has dried, brush the back with piping gel and attach to cake. Pipe a small dot border around the bottom of the 8" cake using buttercream the same color as your fondant.

Using the blossom plunger, cut flowers out of white fondant and attach to the cake randomly with a dot of piping gel. Roll small yellow dots and apply to centers of flowers with piping gel.

Take the dried letters, and attach toothpicks or skewers to the back of each letter with black candy writer and allow to dry. Be sure to have enough length to support the letter to stand straight up on top of the cake. Cut the drinking straw into one inch pieces and cut out dots for the letters. Apply dots randomly to the letters with piping gel. Place letters on top of cake.

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