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Graduation Picture Cake

Idea gallery #9
Graduation Picture Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
cake mixes or recipe of choice
6" square cake pan
10" square cake pan
14" cake board
tip- #16
paper diplomas
graduation girl or boy outline
graduate statue
buttercream icing
graduates photos
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Bake 6" and a 10" square cakes. Place 10" cake on heavy 14" board. Ice the 10" cake. Cut a 6" square from a 14"x10" cardboard and cover with foil. Attach the cardboard square to flat round separator plate. Cut dowel rods the length of the pegs and push into the cake (at a place to help support the 6" cake). Place the 6" cake on the square cardboard. Ice the 6" cake. Color icing the proper school color and border the cakes with tip #16.

Gather photos from various times in the graduate's life and take to print shop, or scan to the right size on your computer to fit in graduate outlines. Cut photo copies to fit and glue photo copies to grad plastic outliines. Attach to cake with icing. Note: If picture is copied on regular paper, it may grease soak, so cover with clear plastic or laminate.

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