Geometric Graduation Cake

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Geometric Graduation Cake
Ingredients and Supplies
  • cake board
  • brown florist poly foil
  • 12" x 18" cake
  • edible image of graduate
  • dark blue rolled fondant
  • light blue rolled fondant
  • green rolled fondant
  • brown rolled fondant
  • ivory rolled fondant
  • small square plunger cutters
  • geometric shape cutters
  • piping gel
  • buttercream icing
  • light blue food coloring
  • small star tip
  • funky letter cutter
Cover cake board with foil. Place cake on board and cover with light blue fondant. Cut a piece of fondant 1/4" larger than edible image. Trim image and attach to piece of fondant with piping gel. Attach piece of fondant to top of cake with piping gel. Roll brown fondant thin and cut numbers for graduation year and secure to cake with piping gel. Using cutters or free-hand, cut background shapes for your letters. Cut letters using cutter; put all pieces together with piping gel and attach to top of cake. Fill pastry bag with light blue buttercream and pipe a star border around the bottom edge of cake. Cut several sizes and colors of squares using plunger cutters and randomly place and attach to top of buttercream and to edge of photo using piping gel.
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